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Multi-5 XL

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Customized Multi-5 XL

  • The package includes 5 panels which form a single image
  • Ideal for decorating any type of wall in the most artistic and modern way
  • With a very original design
  • Floating effect as if it is separated from the wall, after the panel is placed on it
  • Image printed on canvas, with black borders
  • Ready to be fixed on the wall, it includes all that is necessary.


  • 20x50 cm (4 panel)
  • 40x40 cm (1 panels)
  • MDF panel thickness: 10 mm

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The paintings/panels are made from MDF plates (medium density), they belong to the E1 category and they have reduced formaldehyde content.
These panels are wood plates with a homogeneous and uniform structure.
Furthermore, their fine texture allows that both the surface and the margins to have a perfect finish, as well as an excellent finish which offers them an optimal protection against external agents and which also highlights the light of the images allowing a better appreciation of the details. 


  • up to 10 working days
  • up to 20 working days

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